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Participate in Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day!

Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day, the tastiest official holiday, is just weeks away and bigInk would like to invite you to celebrate with us this year. Mark your calendars for October 26 and get chicken fried.

As a seventh generation Texan, I felt compelled to get the Texas favorite the attention it deserves, thinking “No one does chicken fried like Texans; it’s about time we celebrate the soul food of our state…chicken fried steak.” In 2010, I rallied with restaurateurs across Texas to offer special deals and promotions to honor the dish, leading to the declaration of Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day. October 26 is now recognized as an official holiday, with the help of Texas State Representative Ralph Sheffield. By signing the resolution, Sheffield recognizes that the signature dish occupies a special place in the culinary culture of the Lone Star State.

bigInk is promoting this event around the state in hopes of spreading Chicken Fried Steak love. I encourage you to join us. The cost is free and the fun is unlimited. If you are on board to feature a special Chicken Fried Steak promotion or have plans to throw a party for this truly Texan holiday, let us know. It’s that easy.

To participate in the official Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day celebrations, please call 214.485.7300 or email Jeffrey@biginkpr.com.

And finally, in the words of Jimmy Baldwin: Peace, Love and Chicken Fried Steak!


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